Hotel Nemesis
Written by Georgia Tsangaraki
A murder mystery detective story, crime , fiction, thriller, with elements of cabaret and dramatic comedy!

We are in the one-of-a-kind Ghost Hotel "Nemesis", in Sounio, Athenes . The day is the 16th of February and the year 1925. Nemesis is a very famous place for visitors from around the country , because of the story that comes with it:
The owner, Mrs Raphaela , a demonic businesswoman, has set up an innocent scam on the myth of the burnt circus. Once upon a time in that location (which belonged to her family) Slavic gypsies had a circus, the Nemesis. The rubber woman was a pyromaniac and one night she decided to set fire to the circus warehouse. The whole tent was set on fire and most of the performers were burned as they were in their sleeping time. Her father decided to build a hotel over the burned circus, keeping his name. When he died and the then young Raphaela took over. She decided to spread the word that the ghosts of the performers who once burned down , appear every night and give a magical performance for the respective residents. Mrs. Raphaela is stern, frugal, cunning and walks around with a set of keys. She is and looks very scary.

Wruttend and Directed by Georgia Tsangaraki
Assistant director: Maria Melikidou, Ioanna Kossena
Costume design: Katerina Drossopoulou
Set designer: Maria Velisarakou, Dinos Papazisis, Eva Papazisis
Props Master: Niki Antonatou, Angeliki Christodoulou
Poster and flyer design: Babis Melikidis
Photos: Haris Germanidis

The workers at the hotel:
Manolia : Raphaela's niece and right-hand woman, works at all the posts in the hotel and watches every move of the guests, keeping or sometimes upsetting the balance. She herself is a gambler and we usually catch her playing cards. She totally dislikes her villain auntie. The hotel has 6 artists working on the show on starvation wages:
Diva Calypso: a former famous jazz singer. She has a very high opinion of herself , but in fact she is a sad and lonely soul. Her twin sister committed suicide a few years ago because of a scoundrel who deceived her. Etienne Fregoli: a French secret agent, who came to Nemesis as a fortune teller on the show to expose Raphaela's fraud but fell in love with Calypso and decided to stay forever. His difficulty in expressing his love to her is due to a nervous tic he has when he gets overwhelmed. He stutters and is at a loss for words and as a result, he hasn't been able to tell her yet! At the moment he is solving the mysteries that are taking place in the hotel: murders , thefts, frauds. His assistant is young Eddie. Eddie: bartender, sexy boy, will do anything for extra cash, gigolo, undercover cop, whatever it takes. He's charming and makes the finest cocktails that dazzle the ladies and create magical illusions. Occasionally he assists in the ghost show as a singer and dancer. He has a very successful act. Dolly is the show's game tamer and is also a leader in artist's rights. She fights the exploitation that Raphaela is taking advantage of them and threatens her that she will expose the ghost scam.
Miss Arizona: a gentle soul, a little flighty and very hurt by a lover who killed himself in a lake. She's a bit of the "crazy" one of the group, everyone loves her and admires her for her courage! Lavinia: was working in Nemesis' wardrobe but had to replace the previous actress in the show who played the eternal woman, the sex symbol! She is still rehearsing to "find" the role! In real life she is a simple woman with a wastrel husband who constantly mistreats her.
The occupants of the hotel: l
Mr. Zacharias Dendrinos: A “wealthy” businessman who lives with his family in Venice. He is an art dealer , but has all of his fortune in cards and gambling. No one knows this, but it is also the reason why he wants to marry his daughter to the "rich" businessman Pasquale Montecristo to bail him out.
Persephone, his wife, is a demanding, well-bred lady who is always nagging and asking. She is very fond of Pasquale , although she thinks he's a little too old for her daughter. Because she loves money, she forgives the age difference and approves of this marriage. She certainly has romantic and sexual feelings for young Eddie, the bartender. Nitsa: the twenty-year-old daughter of the Dendrinos family, is idealistic and revolutionary, trying to escape from this marriage. She suspects something about her father's downfall, but her dream is to become a showgirl. She won't sacrifice her life to save him. At the Nemesis Hotel she finds herself with the ghosts/artists and discovers the power to say no to her father. Mrs. Mariffler: is the legal wife of Pasquale Montecristo. A delicate lady of the good world that goes everywhere with her little dog Gaston. She visits the hotel the same day to catch Pasquale and she has come under cover , on the instructions of Eddie, sent by Etienne Fregoli. In order to get back at her husband, she poses as a James Bond girl and makes him fall in love with her again. Pasquale Montecritso: is from a famous Sicilian mafia family but has never been able to become a grande villain. He is a sensitive soul and loves his Merrifler. But he wanted to prove that he could become a self-made businessman , stand his ground and make a fortune. So he gave it all up and went to Venice, making up a story that he's a wealthy owner of a string of hotels. Zacharias took him as his son-in-law in order to save himself from debts and so he found himself caught in his own lie. Pasquale has repented and the whole thing cost him immensely by this travesty .Here at the Nemesis Hotel, he will discover that Dendrinos has gone bad and is using him to save himself. Don Caspir aka Francesco Navarra: A character in the play who never appears but is talked about all the time. He is responsible for Calypso's sister's suicide. Mafioso, art and women trafficker. He meets his death in Nemesis that day by heart attack , but by the time the mystery of his death is revealed they are all suspects. The case is solved by Etienne Frégoli. The question of the play is:
Who is finally using whom? What is the meaning of life? Is there love after marriage? Where do pained souls go when they don't die? And finally, Do ghosts really exist?
Unfulfilled love affairs, dramatic suicides, mismatched courtships, unsatisfied desires, murders and union revolutions. A palette of surreal characters who meet under the roof of the haunted hotel to celebrate the power of love, friendship and art!A musical and dance
journey to the sounds and colours of the fancy '20s era, a stage experience of humour, action and love
To Comedy Club παρουσιάζει

Hotel Nemesis
Της Γεωργίας Τσαγκαράκη

Βρισκόμαστε στο, μοναδικό στο είδος του, Ξενοδοχείο Φαντασμάτων «Nemesis», στο Σούνιο, την Πέμπτη 16 Φεβρουαρίου, του σωτηρίου έτους 1925.
Κι ενώ θα μπορούσε να είναι μια φυσιολογική μέρα του χρόνου, αυτό δε συμβαίνει σχεδόν ποτέ στο Nemesis. Τα γεγονότα επιβεβαιώνουν τη σημασία του στο χάρτη: ανεκπλήρωτοι έρωτες, δραματικές αυτοκτονίες, αταίριαστα προξενιά, ανικανοποίητες επιθυμίες, φόνοι, συνδικαλιστικές επαναστάσεις… Μια παλέτα από σουρεαλιστικές περσόνες συναντιούνται κάτω από τη στέγη τού στοιχειωμένου ξενοδοχείου, για να γιορτάσουν τη δύναμη της αγάπης, της φιλίας και της τέχνης. Ένα μουσικοχορευτικό ταξίδι στους ήχους και τα χρώματα της εποχής των φανταχτερών ‘20s. Μια σκηνική εμπειρία γεμάτη χιούμορ, δράση και έρωτα!

Η ομάδα του Comedy Club ιδρύθηκε το 2017 από τη Γεωργία Τσαγκαράκη, με σκοπό την εξερεύνηση στην περιοχή της ελαφρότητας και του χιούμορ. Η εβδομαδιαία συνάντηση με ανθρώπους διαφορετικών ηλικιών, επαγγελμάτων, φιλοσοφικών αναζητήσεων και καταβολών δημιούργησε μια συμπαγή ομάδα, που ανανεώνεται μεν, αλλά εκπέμπει διαχρονικά. Το φετινό έργο γράφτηκε από τη σκηνοθέτη, για να εξυπηρετήσει τις επιθυμίες της ομάδας: ένας φόνος, μια ιστορία αγάπης, χορός και τραγούδι ήταν αρκετά για να ξεδιπλωθεί ο σκελετός τής ιστορίας και να εμφανιστεί μια αστυνομική κωμωδία με στοιχεία καμπαρέ και δραματικής κομεντί. Μέριμνα και στόχος της σκηνοθέτη είναι η δημιουργία ομάδων με δυναμικό χαρακτήρα, ελευθερία έκφρασης και δημιουργικό πάθος. Το Comedy Club, μετά από εργασία δύο χρόνων πάνω στο έργο, παρουσιάζει και απολαμβάνει τη διαμονή στο ανατρεπτικό Nemesis και σας προσκαλεί να μοιραστείτε το ταξίδι μαζί του!

Παίζουν οι ηθοποιοί:
Δεσποινίς Ραφαέλα, η Ιδιοκτήτρια του Ξενοδοχείου: Εριφύλη Σαββίδου
Μανωλία , ανιψιά και το δεξί χέρι της Ραφαέλας: Μαρία Μελικίδου
Ετιέν Φρεγκολί, Γάλλος μυστικός πράκτορας που εργάζεται στο ξενοδοχείο ως Φάντασμα Χαρτορίχτρα: Μηνάς Σπανάκης
Ντίβα Καλυψώ, τραγουδίστρια- Φάντασμα στο show του ξενοδοχείο: Μάρω Γλυκού
Μις Κολοράντο, Κομπέρ- Φάντασμα στο show του ξενοδοχείου: Κλειώ Καλύβα
Ντόλλυ, η θηριοδαμάστρια- Φάντασμα στο show του ξενοδοχείου: Νίκη Αντωνάτου
Λαβίνια, η αιώνια γυναίκα -Φάντασμα στο show του ξενοδοχείου: Αγγελική Χριστοδούλου
Έντυ, μυστικός αστυνόμος και μπάρμαν του Ξενοδοχείου: Ντίνος Παπαζήσης
Κύριος Ζαχαρίας Δενδρινός, πλούσιος Έλληνας εκ Βενετίας: Μιχάλης Κολικίδης
Κυρία Περσεφόνη Δενδρινού, σύζυγος του κυρίου Ζαχαρία: Κατερίνα Δροσοπούλου
Νίτσα Δενδρινού, η νεαρή κόρη τους: Εύα Παπαζήση
Μαρί -Φλερ, πλούσια κληρονόμος και σύζυγος του Πασκουάλε: Αναστασία Τουγουντζόγλου
Πασκουάλε Μοντεκρίστο, αποτυχημένος μαφιόζος και τυχοδιώκτης: Δημήτρης Σιαμίδης

Κείμενο /σκηνοθεσία/χορογραφία: Γεωργία Τσαγκαράκη
Βοηθός σκηνοθέτη: Μαρία Μελικίδου, Ιωάννα Κοσσένα
Επιμέλεια κουστουμιών: Κατερίνα Δροσοπούλου
Επιμέλεια και κατασκευή σκηνικών: Μαρία Βελισαράκου, Ντίνος παπαζήσης, Εύα Παπαζήση
Επιμέλεια σκηνικών αντικειμένων: Νίκη Αντωνάτου, Αγγελική Χριστοδούλου
Σχεδιασμός αφίσας και flyer: Μπάμπης Μελικίδης
Φωτογραφίες παράστασης: Χάρης Γερμανίδης

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